HOLD2EARN NFT Collection


A revolutionary gaming project in the Solana NFT ecosystem.
By simply holding an NFT you will be able to share in the revenues of a Battle Royale mobile game.

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About Chickenz

Free-to-play multiplayer video game where chickens fight to the death to be the last one standing. Over 50 traits such as breed, hats, weapons, shields, clothing and more.

Business Model of Project

Battle royale games implement in-app purchases and season passes, generating multiple revenue streams. Some successful cases in mobile platforms have reached over $1 billion. Monthly profits will be airdropped among holders. Hold to earn.

Chickenz Whitepaper


Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to community needs. This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Chickenz. We have a lot of ideas we are working on.


TheChickenz (Finished)

Initial collection with dope art for early supporter investors. The utility of this collection is to support the hiring of professional designers for the next phase. The holders will be rewarded with game profits and whitelist spots for the next collection. Webpage and abse community creation. Designed by a professional illustrator, Fabiola Colavecchio with a total supply of 1222 pieces.

Magic Eden


PixelChickenz (Finished)

Chickenz evolve and hatch, are now better designed, have new traits! Enlist the help of Álvaro Serrano for game design. We declare a base style and define the traits and elements that our characters will have. Start characters development and show it to the community. As this phase progresses, more and more events will appear and less time will be dedicated to production and more to promotion.

Magic Eden


Development Transition (Current)

In this phase we focus on Investments and Development. The game developer company, No Spoon Lab, starts to develop the game! Special Events appears and some Airdrops for current holders. We take care about the collection and organise Floor Sweeping contests.


TheChickenz Mobile Battle Royale

Everyone can join the party and fight to be the last one left. The development of the complete game begins and Chickenz opens a DAO for holders to choose the correct decisions. A beta is opened where the holders will be able to play and later the whole public will join the battle. The monthly profits of the game will be airdropped:

  • 25% for all TheChickenz holders
  • 25% for all PixelChickenz holders
  • 25% are used as competition prizes
  • 10% for unique pieces holders
  • 10% for developer team
  • 5% for earliest supporters [eggs] holders


We are totally transparent and try to answer all questions. If you still have any question, do not hesitate to send it to us through our social networks.

Chickenz Forever

Our little chicks will be stored on Arweave, a decentralized data storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments, allowing holders to truly store data forever.

Blockchain & Limits

The chickens have grown under the Solana Blockchain. There is no limit on how many NFTs you can mint. Plus the game profits will be shared proportionally. Take as many as you can!

What I Get?

We must expand our minds beyond the crypto world. Monthly profits for holders according the number of pieces they own. Check Phase 4 at Roadmap Section.

Hold To Earn

You will earn by simply holding. The game will be open to play for all people and will generate incomes by in-app purchases and season passes. Every month we will take the game profits and airdrop corresponding portions to each holder wallet.

Meet the Team

A passionate group of experienced designers, developers and programmers motivated to continually reach goals and tackle new challenges

The Chicken Master
Fabiola Colavecchio
NFT Designer
Álvaro Serrano
Game Designer